I am not my PTSD

To my friends and family; I am not my PTSD

I don’t mean to get angry,

I don’t mean to take it out on you,

I’m sorry I don’t always want a hug, sometimes I can’t deal with physical contact

I don’t mean to withdraw

I’m sorry I won’t go to certain places, or watch certain films.

I’m sorry if I’m indecisive, or cancel plans at the last minute

I don’t mean to shut you out, it just happens when my brain is in overdrive

Sometimes I need to be alone, it’s not personal

Sometimes it might seem like I’m over it, then you’re shocked when I get angry for seemingly no reason or spend all day in bed because I don’t see a reason to get up.

Please be patient with me

I really appreciate you, and I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem like I do

I am not my PTSD, it is just a part of me.


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